Commercial Machinery

Altipeak™ International are the worlds pioneering designers, engineers and installers of commercial Altitude studios with our very own unique Patent Pending Altitude machinery designs, concepts and the safest CE, EN, ISO World Accreditation we are by far the world leaders and innovators in this niche market. With a experienced design and engineering team traveling the globe we are at the forefront of the development of all new technologies of Simulated Altitude Studios.

We have a wide range of Altitude systems spanning from a singular mask and tent based to +50 man system capable of powering commercial Altitude studios.

Alti i1

Our Alti i1 system is a ‘Plug and Play’ compact, very powerful and very affordable one-man Altitude machine that can be used by either with either an exercising mask or power a sleeping tent, with a variable altitude setting for up to 5000m

Alti i4

Our Alti i4 system is another home or small gym ‘plug and play’ system that can be used in a small room or altitude exercising tent to reap the benefits attributed to Simulated Altitude exposure.

Alti i6

Our Alti i6 systems onwards are Commercial 3phase compressor systems ranging from 5.5KW to 132KW Altitude SystemsThese commercial systems offer many Simulated Altitude studio sizes and training modalities with user friendly control, monitoring and safety systems.

Alti i Enviormentals Systems

These environmental systems have the capacities to mimic some of the world highest altitudes +5000m, both high/low temperatures -20*c -+40*c and humidity levels of up to 90%.