About Us

What is Altipeak™?


Altipeak International is a  worldwide Provider of commercial simulated altitude training facilities with its very own pioneering design , engineering and installation team. Our highly qualified team travel the global and provide end users  with the safest altitude studios available. As we are at the forefront of innovation in this very niche market we are constantly devising new and exciting altitude training concepts and simulated altitude machinery.

That said our unique Patent Pending Altitude machinery designs carry the highest achievable CE EN ISO World safety standards and accreditation. With many Altipeak™ partners dotted around the world and continually growing.So We are the Rolls Royce of simulated Altitude.


Altipeak International provide the Altitude Training and Mountaineering training as well and prepare our students and give them a confidence so that they can climb the highest mountain and never loose their hopes.

We have the team of trainers who have expertise in altitude training. Moreover we have our own Altitude Machinery we sale our own altitude machinery across the world. In Our altitude Machinery we sale Altitude Generators, Generator connection kit, Mask Kit, High intensity valve, Alti l1 plug adapter, Oxygen Sensor, Pulse oximeter.